Created on Friday, 30 October 2009 

Unfortunately earlier this year (2009) a displacement was noticed in the roof and the Trustees authorised an initial survey. This survey found that a major fault had occurred within the roof structure and as a safety precaution the hall was closed. It soon became obvious that any repairs were likely to be costly and extensive.

A second opinion was sought from a group of Structural Consultants specialising in the type of construction used in the hall. The resulting detailed structural survey has recommended that substantial internal scaffolding be installed, as well as external scaffolding at the gable end. This has been designed to prevent any further deterioration of the roof and will need to be in place until the necessary major repairs can be completed.

Unfortunately these repairs will be costly and take some time, during which the main hall will remain closed. The Trustees are considering ways by which the Blue Room, toilets and kitchen can be used safely in the meantime.

As a consequence this year’s Remembrance Service can not be held in the hall and the Clanfield Junior School have kindly given permission for it to be held in their amphitheatre.