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Created on Thursday, 17 June 2010 

16th June 2010

It is with great pleasure that the Memorial Hall Trustees can announce that the necessary funding has been secured to enable work to commence on replacement of the roof. The hall has been closed for the past 16 months due to a serious fault within the structure. Replacement of the roof is estimated to cost in excess of £70,000 and work could not commence until sufficient funding had been obtained in order to complete the job. 

The necessary funding target which is made up of matched funding from local companies, village organisations, donations and grants has now been reached. Work will commence within the next few weeks and completion is expected by mid October. 

Local working groups are being organised to raise additional and on going funds so that the building can be redecorated where necessary and modernised in the future. 

Chairman of Trustees David Newberry said that “this is an excellent example of what can be achieved by a group of enthusiastic volunteers all working together”. 

The Memorial Hall is also the location of the village war memorial and it is anticipated that the first official event after reopening will be the Annual Remembrance Service on the 14th November.

Thank you all very much for your support,


Fundraising state - April 2010

Created on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 

At the public meeting in April it was reported that current estimates of costs are in excess of £ 70,000 to restore this much loved village asset to a safe and working order. A fund raising appeal has been started and as usually the case in Clanfield, the response has been most encouraging. Despite the current economic difficulties, approximately half of this amount has already been raised or pledged, currently major sponsors include:-

  •        Ernie Mew and Sons  - labour to strip and replace the roof.
  •          Dyer and Butler – perimeter safety fencing.
  •          SCES – air conditioning for the Blue Room.
  •          The New Blendworth Centre – publicity distribution.
  •          Clanfield Parish Council – grant, creation and operation of Memorial Hall website etc.
  •          Clanfield Voluntary Care Group – donation.
  •          CIF (Community Initiatives Fund) – grant.

This list is by no means exhaustive and donations are continuing to arrive from generous villagers. The names of all sponsors, donors (if not anonymous) and volunteers will be recorded and displayed in the restored building and on completion will be placed on this website in order to record the generosity and support of villagers.

An exploratory meeting was held on the 7th May and it was agreed that the fundraising would be divided into two sub committees.  One is responsible for Community Fundraising headed up by Ken Moon and the second being responsible for Grant Fundraising headed by Bill Enstone. 


Created on Monday, 22 February 2010 

The Village Memorial Hall has unfortunately been out of action for the past year or so due to the discovery of a major structural fault in the roof. A professional survey by consulting engineers was conducted in early autumn and acting on their advice substantial scaffolding was installed both inside the main hall and externally at the gable end. This has stabilised the structure and prevented any further deterioration.

In addition to the survey an outline programme for the roof repair was also produced. This will involve the removal of an estimated 1,000+ tiles, restoration of the gable wall together with probable replacement of the fascia, soffits and guttering. Once these (and many other) tasks have been completed the exposed structure will be reinforced prior to the replacement of as many salvaged tiles as possible.

Unfortunately the repair of this important village facility is a major task and the process will be very costly. In order to help finance the project the trustees have agreed to the formation of a fund raising committee. The first such activity will involve a “Friends of the Memorial Hall” appeal, with the names of sponsors recorded for future generations in a Sponsors Register. Numerous other appeals will need to be devised and volunteers are urgently needed to help with this and all aspects of the reconstruction.

Once again practical support from within the village is being offered. Already three organisations have offered to provide at their own expense:- the manpower required for stripping and replacing the roof, the provision of air-conditioning for the Blue Room and the loan of perimeter security fencing. These timely and generous approaches are much appreciated and any other offers of practical help will be most welcome. Further details and the names of these sponsoring organisations will follow in due course as this substantial project unfolds.

Anyone with fund raising experience and a little time to spare would be particularly welcome.  All offers of help or for further details please call Bill on 02392 592478.